Author: Adam Riley

Applying his passion for motorsports and into the media he develops, Adam has nearly fifteen years working as a media content producer, photographer and journalist. Applying his passion for motorsports and into the media he develops, Adam has nearly twenty-years working as an automotive media content producer, photographer and journalist. With an extensive background of collaborating with major global brands, Adam has created "The Art of Car" as a collage of automotive art, lifestyle and opinion for the avid purist.

Slammed & Sexy!

Coming at you all the way from the beautiful islands of Hawaii is this lovely 2020 Mustang S550 GT named “Ellie.”  Envisioned by Savaldor otherwise known on the socials as @Iconic5.0, he’s crafted a unique and artful machine. Here’s a list of what’s done . . .  and try not too salivate too much.  Performance:– Borla ATAKS Cat Back Exhaust System– K&N Cold Air Intake– JTL Catch Cans Exterior Aero:– 777 Performance GT500 Front Bumper-Street AeroRead More…

1,000 Horsepower Mustang!

Check out this insanely built wide body Mustang GT by Christina Haag.  Not only does this car have a ton of exterior modifications including air-ride, aero kit and custom interior, but under the hood is a heavily modified 5.2 Liter V8 topped off with twin turbos that pushes out a whopping 1,000 horsepower! View the entire video here at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEt5t2lrEnQ&t=140s Plus!  Make sure to give us a follow! Modded America:  “In Cars We Unite.”

Cammed Out C6 Corvette!

We take a walk around this heavily modified C6 Corvette with wicked graphics and sweet sounding exhaust!  Inspired by what the owner first designed in a video game, he’s now brought to life.  But there’s more.   Not only does this car have wild looks, but it sounds killer with several engine revs’ and a sketchy burnout. Check out our walk around of the Choppy Chop Corvette here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pq6PLhfCvU&t=82s Plus!  Make sure to give usRead More…

8-Second CTSV!

Deep in the heart of Oklahoma is this female driven 8-Second Cadillac. Owned and built by Felicia Smith, you cannot deny that she has a seriously good looking ride,  with a ton of modifications that puts her into the 8’s within the quarter mile Here’s the build for her 2009 Cadillac CTSV. – 427 Dart Motor from Thompson Motorsports– Custom camshaft from Cam Motion Cams– F310 Cylinder Heads by Frankenstiened– Johnson Lifters from CT Performance–Read More…

Custom 2019 Hellcat Widebody!

This wild looking 2019 Challenger Hellcat is owned by Rob Burley out of San Diego, California.  He’s an active military soilder and a major gear head!  Here’s a breakdown of his ride:      -Custom designed wrap by SD Design house  -T/A custom Fabricated hood, 1st hellcat to use the hood -E85 flex fuel kit from advanced fuel dynamics  -Ceramic coated by elite finish -Intake rings from Merrick Motorsports    Mods that are in theRead More…

“Raven” 2017 Corvette Z06

This beautiful 2017 Corvette Z06 is owned by Rick Delaus from Tampa, Florida. He purchased this car brand new as a base 1LZ Z06 and since has modded this machine quite a bit. Here’s what’s done. Hennessey Pulley Upgrade Kit Corsa Cold Air Intake System Methanol Injection Custom Tune 3LZ exterior upgrades 730 rear wheel horsepower! We salute this car and welcome it to the Modded America Crew Want to get your car featured?? JustRead More…