8-Second CTSV!

8 Second Cadillac CTSV

Deep in the heart of Oklahoma is this female driven 8-Second Cadillac. Owned and built by Felicia Smith, you cannot deny that she has a seriously good looking ride,  with a ton of modifications that puts her into the 8’s within the quarter mile

Here’s the build for her 2009 Cadillac CTSV.

– 427 Dart Motor from Thompson Motorsports
– Custom camshaft from Cam Motion Cams
– F310 Cylinder Heads by Frankenstiened
– Johnson Lifters from CT Performance
– Stock 1.9 LSA blower porter by Boost Mode Racing
– 2.38 Upper / 10.0″ lower pulleys
– Radium Engineering fuel rals
– Circle D Specialties torque convertor
– Stock 6l90 transmission with upgraded clutches
 – Nitrous Express 250 kit
– Trunk tank and heat exchanger for cooling
– Dynamic Drivelines 1-piece driveshaft
– Front coil overs
– Alky Methanol injection kit
– E85 Tune by DSX Tuning
– 1,700 series injectors by Fuel Injector Works
– Hoosier tires, with Weld Racing Wheels
– Tuned by Rick Crawford with HP Tuners software

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8 Second Cadillac CTSV
8 Second Cadillac CTSV
8 Second Cadillac CTSV
8 Second Cadillac CTSV



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